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Many of our clients use us to design and install their garden, and we are happy to do that. Some already know what they want from their outdoor space and simply want us to install it. Whether you use us for construction, design or both, the result will be a joint effort. The design process is an enjoyable, stimulating, and satisfying experience for our clients. Here is how the process normally develops.

We begin with a meeting at your home where we get to know you. We discuss how you plan to use your garden, the site conditions, functional needs, your style and budget. With your needs and desires addressed and all site data collected, we begin the process of developing a design for you. An average of fifty hours is spent analyzing, creating, and drawing a landscape design. At our next visit we present the plan to you and if satisfied we can move forward with construction.

A well thought out landscape design focuses on how you want to use your space as well as enhance the beauty of your home. The designer carefully considers how you can utilize your outdoor space to its full potential while unifying your garden with your house. Using a designer who has been formally trained will help you to achieve these goals while avoiding costly mistakes. A design is a worthwhile investment since it will assure finest results and is normally a fraction of the cost of construction.